Hedge Cutting / Tree Care Specialists

Crowley Landscaping are professionals in hedge cutting, sawing and tree care. We have specialist machinery to cater for all aspects of this work. We offer a comprehensive high quality service maintaining hedges and trees throughout the year, ensuring your property looks it's best whatever the season holds. We have a Moffett saw outfit to cater for overgrown hedges/trees along roadsides and farms and a variety of hedge-cutters for all types of hedge rows from ornamental, to those overgrown troublesome hedges.

Tree care such as pruning and removal of dead wood can balance and enhance your trees and large shrubs to improve the health of the tree itself. It is also a health and safety measure that helps to ensure the public's safety and avoid any insurance problems or legal action related to branches snapping and falling causing damage.

We also have a Flail-mulcher for overgrown areas, briar’s and rushes. All timber and debris is removed and chipped on-site leaving your site or garden clean and sharp. We offer a wide range of services targeted at restoring the health of trees and hedges and ensuring the safety of surrounding areas. In our business we aim to create distinguished hedgerows and trees for residential, commercial, industrial, and council works. All our work is carried out by our fully trained and qualified personnel.

Hedge Cutting & Tree Care Services

  • All aspects of hedge cutting and sawing
  • Tree surgery
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming and shaping
  • Tree mulching / branch chipping
  • Under-pruning, cleaning and deadwood removal for natural, high open shape
  • Site clearance
  • Overgrown clearance
  • Formative pruning of young plants and trees
  • Tree planting
  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Estate maintenance

Wood Chipper

Examples of Our Hedge Cutting and Tree Care Work